Our Story

The Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women was established over 40 years ago. During the first 20 years of the Forum's life, the concept of Jordanian women owning and operating micro, small and medium sized businesses was an unattainable dream. Issues related to education, access to employment, social and cultural barriers, health, and fundamental rights were the basis on which the Forum began empowering women. The Forum set out to achieve positive change by addressing these issues with a focus on human rights, advocacy, training, and breaking cultural barriers through awareness raising activities.

Beginning in the mid-1990’s, women in Jordan were ready to make great strides towards owning and running their own businesses, and they needed a supportive platform to encourage their entrepreneurial spirit. The Forum worked diligently between 1996 and 2004, helping Jordanian women start their own businesses by providing business incubations, training and coaching for start-ups.

About Us

The Jordan Forum for Business and Professional Women (JFBPW) is a non-profit, non-governmental association established in 1976 to serve Jordanian businesswomen and professionals and increase their contribution to the development of the Jordanian economy. The Forum is an inclusive organization that leverages its powerful networks to help women at all levels of business throughout Jordan reach their full potential

The Forum is the first association of its kind in Jordan and has developed strategic partnerships with national civil society organizations, the private sector, national and local government, and international organizations.

Our Vision

Our vision is that Jordanian business and professional women have equal opportunities, rights, and leadership roles in the business sector and effectively contribute to economic development in Jordan.

Our Mission

To be the platform that develops, empowers, and advocates for business and professional women in Jordan.

Our Values

By empowering women in the workplace and in business, the Jordanian economy can develop and flourish to new heights. The values of the Forum are based upon innovative ideas, vision, and compassion.


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